Fed up of mediocricty?

Train Your Mind To Achieve Your Potential In Your 2021 Races

Based on hundreds of conversations I've had with pro and amaeteur triathletes, I've developed my unique 35 day mindset bootcamp that teaches you day-by-day how to develop the powerful habits, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes you need to extend your limits in triathlon and achieve goals you once thought were impossible.

Join 200+ athletes working through their bootcamp who are getting faster, happier and more resilient each day.

How my 35 Day Triathlete Mindset Bootcamp Empowers you to TRANSFORM YOUR TRIATHLON PERFORMANCE:

The results my athletes have experienced:

“When I started coaching with you, I had already signed up for my first triathlon but was lacking confidence on the bike and in open water swimming. I now love cycling with my club and in the open water - can’t wait to tackle my half Ironman this year!”

“At every race I reach a point where the physical fatigue is so high, that I question why I force myself through the pain and continue pushing.

It is at these critical moments, that it’s important to have your mental game plan ready. Why should you continue to push through? What mindset techniques work best to unlock your full potential?

Together with Adelaide Goodeve, I’ve tried an arsenal of mindset techniques. Some had small effect others moderate, a few however, made a really big gain. And those are the ones we continue to refine and improve."

✓ Remove mental blocks that keep sabotaging your triathlon performance

✓ Overcome your negative inner voice by learning how to chjange your self-talk

✓ Remove limiting beliefs that are stopping you racing and training harder and faster

✓ Master how to focus, track and plan all of your triathlon training for optimal performance

✓ Become a super sleeper so your sleep isn't interrupted again

✓ Win every day with an epic morning routine

“Adelaide has helped me find a better balance between family, work and triathlon. I’ve seen progress in managing stress in life and ensuring focus on the right task at the right time. Adelaide’s coaching has helped me focus on a growth mindset in both sport and life."

“Working with Adelaide helped me to define the key aspects of my current work role, allowed me to fully focus on these areas enabled me to become more productive and efficient in my day to day job and freed time to focus on my personal development. Reframing my thinking and the way I speak to myself about key aspects of my personal and professional life has allowed me to achieve my goals and feel much more fulfilled. I still regularly use the tools I have learnt that have now become invaluable to me.”

“Adelaide is incredible. The day before my World Championships when I needed help to control my escalating nerves, she came to the rescue. Using specialist mindset techniques, she refocused my thinking, in her wonderfully calm and relaxed manner. She also showed me a slightly different kind of visualisation process. She worked her magic as I walked away with a world title.”

35 Day Triathlete Mindset Bootcamp

My bootcamp is designed for busy triathletes - my short, fun, no bullsh*t exercises will help you take minutes off your race times.

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